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Having grown up in a family of crafty women (handcrafted arts including quilting, crochet, sewing, as well as poetry), she continues to find ways to incorporate mixed media and multiple media in her work. Saturday afternoons as a child were spent reading, writing, helping her grandmother piece quilts, or doing an assortment of craft kits or projects, from painting, making beads, spin art, to putting jigsaw puzzles together. Robin still enjoys putting things together or finding natural juxtapositions in everything she does. Creative design founded in usable and practical applications are her guiding principles.

Robin holds a BA in English with emphasis in Romantic and Fantasy Literature, a Master's degree in Information Science, with emphasis on information structure and organization; additional coursework and education in painting, drawing, design, instructional design, and various computer technologies, as relates to web and graphic design. She has been the subject of an article on artists utilizing the internet and part of a group study on creativity in the information technology field.

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Incorporating concepts of Celtic design in a modern sense, robin finds inspiration in the lines, shapes, colors and forms of organic and manmade shapes from DNA spirals, curled ropes, to spiral staircases and sea stacks.

Her artwork has been featured on snowboard designs, large fiberglass sculptures, wine glasses, collectible artist trading cards editions, coffee mugs, in print and electronic magazine publications, as well, as exhibits online and in physical galleries. Elements of sand, acrylic & metallic paint, oil pastel, metallic flakes, glitter, acrylic stones, glass beads, paper and tin have all made appearances in her paintings; in her photographs, she actively looks for the hidden in plain view. Robin continues to organize and coordinate exhibits for a variety of venues; her digital art includes elements of all things: she often uses her own photographs and scans of her paintings combined with new art only created online to bring together yet a new artwork. For more information about purchasing artwork from this website: click here. Gallery representation includes Bluebell Studios & Gallery and Clayton St Gallery. She is a member of the Georgia Artists Registry.

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