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Sunday, February 04, 2007

grandmother poetry

I thought I would start including some of my grandmothers’ works in my blog. I hope you don’t mind. I feel fortunate that the female members of my family are so creative (very strong willed and sometimes a little off-kilter, but that is another story...)

I’ll start with the poetry because that doesn’t involve digital photography. wink My maternal grandmother was a very proper and religious southern woman on the outside and to be honest, I don’t think I ever read any of her journals or poetry until after she died. She was published in some minor literary journals back in the 40s and 50s.
She wrote quite abit while my grandfather was in the war. For the sake of keeping her work from getting cannibalized, I’m only doing a few snippets. Generally her work is just a few stanzas anyhow. Her poetry is mostly love poetry with some religious and pastoral works thrown in.

My paternal grandmother (the family member that I look the most like) was a quilter and crocheter. I’ll include some of her stuff later.

We’ll start with a few lines of How Much Do I love You?

How Much Do I love You?

I guess I never was cut out
To be a great, great poet
I’m at a loss for words when it comes
to you, Though you already know that.

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Monday, January 22, 2007

a little rusty, but still the same…

So, over the weekend I went to the mountains. The weather was nice (blue skies a few times) and the snow was okay. Great, considering how the weather has been. I was a little rusty as I hadn’t been on my board in well.. about a year. Plus, a new board (actually, my older lib tech board, which is a better board than my newer gnu) plus new bindings...and good grief, those bindings were tough to get out of it. I realize the idea is that they will keep your feet put, but I think I might actually switch back to my ride bindings vs. these newer k2s. I felt a little bit silly. I mean, here I’ve been riding for a while and yet, I’m having more trouble getting out of my bindings than a newbie! Plus, I just couldn’t get into the groove of it all, somehow. I’m not sure why. Maybe I just felt a little rusty. Anyhow, overall, an okay day.

Anyhow, here is my little movie from last year (the year of the sickness… and I don’t mean that in RAD terms...) LOL....

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Monday, January 15, 2007

well, it sort of works.

my internet has been mostly down. I don’t know if I can even write about my experience with the tech support person who came to fix it. The first person (yes, the FIRST) was awful. Very condescending and I felt the urge to smack him a few times. wink You know, I may not know everything there is to know about computer networking, but I know a little bit. He replaced all of the interior stuff including the modem. Umm… all of that stuff was new.... and had worked… and the TV was fine. Tech support via the phone determined it was line noise OUTSIDE of the house. So, this guy is 3 hours late (no apology) and then proceeds to muck around in the house for another 2 hours only to end up stating that it is a problem in the line (no kidding?!?) and he can’t fix that. He will put in a work order. Does he? NO...and the thing that peeves me to no end is that changed my desktop (I know really silly, but it’s just adding insult to insult, ya know?).

I don’t use IE. If I could dump it without compromising Windows I would (that fix is just a little too delicate for me to stress about, so I just deleted the shortcuts)...and I don’t use MSN as my homepage (he asked, I said google, he set it to MSN).

Does he listen to me when I tell him 1)what tech support said—noise on the exterior line 2)the tv is fine 3)ALL of the interior cable modem stuff is new 4)the problem has occured before when it rains…

OF COURSE NOT. Because apparently I am ignorant.

Okay, because I have given my site a rating so my niece can access it, I can not use the words that I would like to. So, use your imagination.  wink

Anyhow, I call the co. again on Monday A.M. and two other tech support folks are sent over. Wow. They are so much nicer. They quickly determine that yes, the problem is outside, and patch a temporary line in. They also determine that the replacement modem the first person installed is shot. Yep. Good going, Sherlock.

I really don’t have words to express how awful the first experience was. If I could have behaved like the 5 year old I was feeling like, I would have either kicked him in the shin or smacked him. Either way, it would have been sweet satisfaction. 

Posted by robin on 01/15 at 01:42 PM
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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

mountain waterfall (photo)

Posted by robin on 12/20 at 06:58 AM
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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

it’s not who you, it’s what you wear

One of the places that I recently shopped was one of those stores that pretends to sell couture, when in reality, it’s mostly low end designers that no one has ever heard of and certainly not couture quality or even Prêt-a-Porter (just a bunch of off the rack wannabe). You know the place. Full of attitude. I’m guessing the owners were working there as they were beyond fake nice and way way pushy, making sure to point out the sale rack and constantly hovering.

Ok, I know, this game. In my life as a fragrance counter girl, I had to dress really nice most days. Some of the clothes I wore were more expensive and labeled than I will probably ever buy again. I don’t really care about such things but you know, it’s good to take advantage of what you have at the time (like a huge discount and inside info on sales). On my lunch break, I would sometimes wander down the mall to the more upscale stores, not only to check out the competition but because my sister worked for one of them (makeup counter girl… I know what a pair, right?)
Anyhow, it always amused me that when I walked in on my lunch break (nice clothes, nice hair, etc.) the sales staff would be super nice but DIFFERENT.
When I frequented those same stores in my ratty day off clothes, those same folks would either ignore me or be overly nice in a strange way. I’m not sure how to explain this, but think it was a cross between trying to get rid of me (she won’t buy anything, no money, and she’s making our dept look bad) or watching me (she’s a shoplifter, I just know it!!!) Occasionally, a few folks would recognize me and would be nice.

Of course, I never bought anything from those who treated me badly and even told a person once that I would have bought something from her IF she hadn’t ignored me so blatantly.
Working at that counter, definitely provided some life lesson moments, because I know that what you wear has no bearing on who you are and especially on how much money you will spend.

maybe one day, I’ll do a few short entries on being a counter girl. I had all sorts of interesting things happen. wink

Posted by robin on 11/15 at 01:16 PM
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