Thursday, February 25, 2010

More changes at Facebook / removing profile boxes

Heads up… more changes for Facebook.
I've gotten 3 notices in the last 3 days about moving applications to tabs. Profile boxes are going away. I have my Pandora playlist embedded in what I thought was a box, but FB calls it an information area, so maybe that one is okay.

It does appear that you can still move them to a Boxes tab to put them all in one spot, but they will no longer be directly embedded on your profile page.

Kind of sucks, doesn't it?
To see what you've put in a box:
Go to Account> Application Settings>Added to Profile

Also, for those of you who play games at FB (farmville, mafia wars, etc. — you know who you are), if you want notifications, you will need to go through an email address. You can add a new email address to FB to give you more choices or you can choose FB random email.
To change to a new email to your facebook account:
Go to Account>Account Settings>Settings>Click change next to email
I'm not quite sure what that is yet (the new FB email that has been talked about on the 'net? or just that I'll get notifications but they will come in through email somehow???)

that's all I know about at the moment.

Posted by robin on 02/25 at 09:48 PM
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